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Real Estate Accounting

Real Estate Accounting Services in Fairfax

Managing multiple properties and balancing cash investments with an equitable rise in property values is difficult, especially while performing daily business operations. At Bailey, Stube & Glaser, PC, we support real estate business owners by lowering tax liability and creating accounting efficiency.

If you are looking to lower overhead costs and increase your profit margins during property turnover, contact our Fairfax real estate accountants today!

Accounting Services for Property Management Firms

Property management firms not only multiple property taxes but require support to balance cash flowing into and out of investments. Bailey, Stube & Glaser, PC helps real estate businesses maintain an accurate ledger, ensuring that accounts are maintained and risks of shortfall are minimized. In addition to these bookkeeping services, we provide professional financial reporting for real estate business, allowing greater insight into company operations and current property statuses.

Our accounting services are further supported through cash flow management. This allows us to ensure that investments do not outweigh their potential for profit and keep overhead operation costs low. Our accounting professionals ensure business owners understand the unique financial needs of their market, as well as how to prepare for potential changes.

Tax Planning and Preparation

Property management firms, landlords, and other real estate businesses benefit from tax planning and preparation services provided by our firm, ensuring that liability is kept manageable and any necessary paperwork is filed in a timely manner. 

Home Owners Associations (HOAs)

Cash flow management and projection services help HOAs maintain financial stability in the long term. As an organization operated using membership fees, cash flow crises can have drastic consequences and require the experience of a financial professional to prevent. Bailey, Stube & Glaser, PC provides the necessary support to ensure that HOAs are equipped for operation in the time when fees are not collected, while still providing essential services to members.

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Whether you represent a property management firm or are a landlord looking for comprehensive tax and accounting support, contact Bailey, Stube & Glaser, PC today. We provide real estate business services in Fairfax and throughout the neighboring communities. 

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