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Business Consultations

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Business Consultations Help Steer Your Business in the Right Direstion

When you own a small business there's so much to manage -- attracting and retaining customers, maintaining top-quality products or services,  and managing staff -- all while sustaining the day-to-day business operations that keep your company healthy and profitable. It's a lot to consider, so why go it alone? At Bailey, Stube and Glaser (BSG) we understand the needs of small businesses. We've been providing quality, cost-effective accounting, tax, and consulting services to businesses in Fairfax, Tysons Corner, Vienna, Reston, McLean and Oakton, Virginia and in the Metropolitan Washington D.C. Business District since 1984. 

How Can Business Consulting Services Help?

One of the most popular reasons to obtain a CPA for business consulting services is to save money. This investment gives you a business partner-like experience with someone who knows your industry, your marketplace, the current economic trends, tax compliance and how to look at the bottom line.

BSG helps your business with:

Guidance with new business formation - We help you select your entity, understand tax compliance, direct task completion to obtain licenses, prepare financial documents, integrate QuickBooks, and organize your accounting system.

Business financing – It is more successful when we help you organize essential documents and fine-tune reporting information for bankers, investors and partners. We will also guide you in purchasing new equipment or acquiring rentals with tax compliance and strategic decision making in mind.

Creating and implementing new business goals - Our CPA firm understands the direction you need to take and will help you get there. Do you need to change your entity? Do you have a reliable system of checks and balances in-place?

Organizing and analyzing financial accounts and reports - If you are not able to accurately measure your business’ cash flow, how can you manage it? We will help you find past mistakes and correct them to better manage future profits. 

Tax readiness and strategic planning - Updates are made as laws and regulations change. Our Fairfax CPA firm works to increase your profit each quarter by proficiently estimating tax liabilities and adjusting tax strategies as necessary throughout the year. Your accounting and bookkeeping needs are integrated with tax planning and preparation for more efficient carry-over.

Network of business specialists - If you need expertise in insurance, employee benefits, retirement planning, investments, legal and other matters, BSG has a network of various business specialists to assist you with these concerns.

BSG Personalized Business Consulting Services

Bailey, Stube and Glaser serves the communities of Fairfax, Alexandria, Arlington, Loudoun, Prince William, and the Metropolitan D.C. area with the personalized attention that busy business owners deserve. Contact BSG to find out how our services will help your business succeed.

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